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Knight Rider 3 The Game
Dear Producers,
As video games players and fans of the great TV series of “Knight Rider,” we would like to ask you a favor and also a suggestion about making a game based on a great TV show from the 80’s which we are big fans of.

The world met “Knight Rider” in 1982. Its production continued until 1986, and still today the series of this great TV show is gaining popularity. TV show was a fictional story that was telling about Michael Knight (David Hesselhoff) who was a former cop and who was shot and then saved from death, given a new name, and a new goal. His goal was one man’s dream who’s name was Wilton Knight which died shortly after saving Michael. He wanted Michael to fight against criminals and save the innocent. He also was the boss of the Foundation for Law and Government -F.L.A.G. In his work Michael uses a great, talking car of the future called Knight Industries Two Thousand – K.I.T.T. that Wilton created. In United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and in Australia that TV show has a large amount of fans which is shown by the fact of growing number of K.I.T.T. replicas. Also in Poland Knight Rider has a cluster of fans. Also people who really liked it and who forgot about it. In year 2002 and 2004 company named Davilex published games called: “Knight Rider the Game” and “Knight Rider the Game 2.” Unfortunately both of the published games weren’t popular like the movie. Probably because of the way the games were made; “tunnel world,” added weird things, unrealistic physical form of driving K.I.T.T. and a miserable number of missions. And here we turning to you on making a game based on the original Knight Rider TV show and we also suggest how the game should look like. We also think that there’s going to be a demand on that product because there had been private users that created already couple of adds for games like: “Grand Theft Auto 3,” “Grand Theft Auto Vice City,” and Grand Theft Auto Sand Andreas” that are making those games look more like Knight Rider. Below I’m placing the description of what we would accept from the game and also what we would like to see in the game. Most willingly we would like to see the game Knight Rider in form of looking like “Grand Theft Auto” series. We think that the game should have a large map in which you could find locations from the west coast of US, where the action of the movie was developed. There should be found large metropolises like: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the desert of Nevada, villages of California and Nevada, forests, meadows, and mountains. It would also be nice to see single missions in New York, Chicago, and in state of Ohio. We would like to direct Michael Knight’s moves, actions, and obviously should use K.I.T.T. We also think that interesting things would be missions in which K.I.T.T. is destroyed, or badly damaged and Michael has to save him self by escaping on foot or by finding or stealing a vehicle from his enemy. Also in the game there should exist a commendable system resisting on that if we choose the right option using the mouse, then Michael gives K.I.T.T. a voice commend, e.g. “Drive there and distract them!” Michael Knight should have the ability of running, jumping, going over the fences and other obstacles. He should also have the ability of sneaking, using weapons, fighting and the great technique of it, and the last is silent over powering a thief or a criminal. Physics of driving should also be realistic or close to real. We consider that K.I.T.T. should have the important soap opera’s functions like: Turbo Boost - that function allows K.I.T.T. to jump over obstacles up ahead. Pursuit Mode - It increased engine’s power by which K.I.T.T. accelerated faster and could go fast too. Auto cruise - it allowed K.I.T.T. to drive it self. Seat Eject- just like the name shows catapult in the seat. Radar, Surveillance Mode - K.I.T.T. is alert. Smoke Screen, Oil Slic - It pours out the oil. Microwave Jammer - Disturbs work of electrical devices. Most of the times K.I.T.T. destroyed different objects by accelerating to a fast speed and running them over, but he also went in to collision during Turbo Boosting. We like to be the same in the game. Beside it we would like to see an advanced damage system. K.I.T.T. was a armored car so normally they would limit into small dents, scratches, and cracks on windows. In particular accidents e.g. direct hit by a rocket the larger destructions would appear. K.I.T.T. shouldn’t be generally destroying it self, it would be good if only particular parts of its armor and its functions would suffer. E.g. failure of suspension should have an effect by decreasing its stability on the road. Etc. Some of KITT’s components should also be used up during the mission. Interesting diversify would be to put ability of the selection of the specification in the game. That is in the KITT’s service truck and also at the foundation base there should be ability of different modification. Normally K.I.T.T. would have at one’s disposal universal specification but in the touring point above there would exist possibility of choosing e.g. combat specification (four machine guns in front, flame thrower in the rear, additional shields, but it would be on cost of it’s own mass which could decline KITT’s driving and it’s speed. We also suggest: racing specification (hard suspension, weaker shield, racing tires – faster and with better handling car but less resistant and not being able to cope in off-roads.) Rally/cross country specification (frame with headlights in front, high and soft suspension which is good for off-roads and sand, but bad for highways. K.I. T.T. should change it looks and slowly earn new functions during the game progress. E.g. at the beginning K.I.T.T. did not have functions like Micro Jammer, Super Pursuit Mode and others. K.I.T.T. should be as much as similar as the one in the TV show. It would be good if the game included important characters like: Devon Miles – Foundation’s boss. Bonnie Barstow – KITT’s mechanic and engineer. Also know from the movie “bad characters” like: Garthe Knight – Wilton Knight’s real son who’s a criminal. K.A.R.R – K.I.T.T.’s prototype.

The summary, in our opinion the game have big chances to be a success, on those conditions: it’ll have a large map, rather realistic physics of driving, and give the players a lot of options and it’ll be compatible with it’s inspiration. We are counting on that the project is going to be taken under discretion and we also hope it’s going to be available to realization by your company. We highlight that in our opinion it would be very profitable enterprise because the new movie may come out. Probably in a short period of time, so it would be great occasion to publish a Knight Rider Game.

With Regards,
Knight Rider fans from Poland and USA.

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